oh, you're so vain.

now your world is way too fast; nothing's real and nothing lasts

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graphics and fanfiction by someone with way too much free time.
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A lot of the graphics for the icons/banners here were found on 4chan. I have no idea who made them. That said, no disrespect is meant to the original artists who spent the time and effort on their artwork. Just leave a comment, and credit and a link to the original image will be added to the same post that the icon/art is in.
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This community was created by criminalize because a) she was bored and b) she wanted to make a LiveJournal layout but was reluctant to give up the one on her personal journal for it, and thus c) she decided that she needed a place to throw all of the artsy crap that occasionally spouts out of her brain.

Feel free to friend, join, comment, etc. ♥
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